Full Upper or Lower Arch Replacement?

Wondering if you should get a full arch replacement? Full arch replacements are available for the upper arch as well as the lower arch. This is really great news for those who are missing multiple teeth and are in need of a tooth replacement option.

Not long ago, when someone was in need of a full arch replacement they would need to wear traditional dentures. Traditional dentures tend to work fine for some. But, many people who wear traditional dentures often complain that they are either uncomfortable or do not stay properly in their place. Now there is a new option for replacing a full upper or full lower arch.

Full upper or lower arch replacement

Now those who are missing multiple teeth on their upper arch or lower arch can benefit from the many dental advances made over the past few years for a better tooth replacement option. Instead of getting traditional dentures, now patients have the choice to get dental implants. At least four dental implants will need to be surgically inserted into a patients jawbone. These will serve as the anchors for the bridges to connect to, keeping the bridges securely in place.

After the dental implant procedure has been performed, the patient must wait until all of the implants are fully healed before any permanent bridges can be placed into their mouth. When dental implant supported bridges are chosen as a tooth replacement option, patients will feel more confident in the way they look. Also, they are able to function better as dental implant supported bridges are more comfortable and stay in their place.

Full arch replacement benefits

The following is a list of some of the many benefits that come with choosing a full arch replacement when missing multiple teeth.

  • Helps to prevent additional jawbone loss
  • Means no worries about slipping dentures
  • Allows for easier eating and drinking
  • Supports muscles in the mouth, important to prevent sagging
  • Allows patients to smile with confidence

Are you in need of a full arch replacement?

If you are currently missing multiple teeth, then considering a full arch replacement is definitely worth the time looking further into getting the procedure. And don't waste time thinking your oral health isn't important, the sooner the better. When you are missing multiple teeth your oral health is in jeopardy! Taking the time, and money, to fix up your teeth will have immense, long-term benefits for your oral and general health.

Your mouth needs to have a full set of teeth in order for it to be a healthy mouth. When you are just missing one of your teeth you will experience various types of dental issues. As you now know from the information stated above, a full upper or lower arch replacement can offer you many advantages. All you need to do now is decide whether or not this tooth replacement option is going to work for you.

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