Why You Should Schedule a Dental Cleaning

Dental CleaningIn our office, we can perform a dental cleaning in under an hour so that you can have healthy teeth in no time at all.  This is a standard procedure that we perform, and we recommend that you schedule one for twice a year so that we can remove the plaque and bacteria that has been left behind during your normal oral hygiene routine.  Even if you are an excellent brusher, there are certain spaces in your mouth that are difficult, if not impossible, to reach without help.  Flossing can be useful but it is not a solve-all and even with floss, you might not reach every space.  Unfortunately, these hard to reach spaces are susceptible to tooth decay, and if you leave them in place for too long, you could suffer from gum disease.  Regularly having your teeth cleaned can help to prevent these common problems.

What we do –

When you visit us for a teeth cleaning, we will examine each of your teeth and your gums.  This is done to identify if you have any signs of cavities, an infection, or gum disease.  We will also look for signs of oral cancer that include hard lumps and bumps, red and white dots, and rough patches.  If we identify any health problems, we will let you know and discuss ways that they can be treated.  Otherwise, we will proceed with cleaning your teeth.  This is done by using an abrasive toothpaste and dental tools.  We will reach into every small space to remove the plaque that has built up and we will break up any tartar that is on your teeth so that it can be removed.  As a result of this cleaning and polishing, your teeth will appear healthy and more youthful. Many of the surface stains that you have can be removed by a professional teeth cleaning so that your smile will be significantly brighter.

Why this is important –

Your oral health is not something that you want to take for granted.  A regular dental cleaning is essential when it comes to preventative care.  By removing plaque, we are reducing the risk of you developing cavities or an infection. Most importantly, we are reducing the risk of you developing gum disease. This is a serious condition that can eventually lead to tooth loss.  In the initial stage, gum disease causes irritation, and your gums will start to swell, become inflamed and may even start to bleed.  This is the first step, and we would prefer to catch and treat the condition at this moment.  Otherwise, if the plaque and tartar is left underneath the gums, they may start to recede or pull away from the tooth structure.  As they do, your tooth and roots will be exposed and susceptible to attack from bacteria.  This often leads to bone loss, loose teeth, and eventual tooth loss.  Not something to take for granted, your oral health must be preserved, and a dental cleaning allows us to do so while making it possible for you to retain your natural teeth for years to come.


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