5 Tips to Strengthen Teeth From a General Dentist

One of the main concerns of a general dentist is strengthening the teeth of patients and allowing them to avoid enamel erosion. There are certain things everyone can do to strengthen their teeth and keep a healthy, beautiful smile at all times.

General dentist tips for strengthening teeth

By having a full understanding of how to strengthen your teeth, you can avoid acidic attacks caused by harmful food particles and bacteria from damaging or weakening your enamel. The following are five tips from a general dentist on how to strengthen teeth.

Brush your teeth often

First and foremost, it is important to brush your teeth often in order to keep the enamel strong and bacteria free. When you brush your teeth, it cleans off any carbohydrates or other substance found in food, along with bacteria naturally found in the mouth, and works to prevent enamel from weakening and eventually eroding. While most understand the importance of brushing, many do not follow a consistent enough schedule, failing to brush several times each day.

Limit harmful foods

One of the leading causes of teeth that become weak is a poor diet. There are certain foods that are worse for teeth than others, and some substances found in food, such as sugar and other carbohydrates, can damage enamel when they combine with bacteria. Of course, it is okay to have a cookie or two once in a while, but be sure to practice good oral care and brush and use mouthwash if a large amount of sugar is consumed.

Use fluoride treatment

If you have ever been to the general dentist, then you have probably heard about how good fluoride is for your teeth. Fluoride is enamel’s best friend in many ways, and it works to strengthen weakened enamel and fight off the effects of bacteria on teeth. It is important to ensure that teeth receive enough fluoride on a daily basis. A good way to make sure that this is the case is by using a fluoride mouthwash and toothpaste. For severely weakened enamel, talk to your general dentist about more extensive fluoride treatment options.

Drink water often

One of the leading causes of enamel erosion is dry mouth, and it can also lead to other concerning symptoms, such as bad breath and gum complications. One great way to combat this issue and ensure that bacteria in the mouth do not linger and cause oral health concerns is to simply drink water throughout the day, which works to wash away food particles and bacteria and keep the mouth from becoming dry.

Visit the general dentist regularly

While most of the oral health care should take place at home, it is also important to visit your general dentist for regular checkups. During each visit, your general dentist can check for the development of any oral health concerns and ensure that early treatment is given, along with performing a routine cleaning to keep plaque and tartar off the surface of teeth.

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